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Sample Report

The Rondack Building Inspection

This format is designed to provide you with as much information about the condition, history, maintenance and improvement of your property as possible, within the limitations of the inspection. This special Rondack inspection is designed to be as simple and explicit as possible considering the complex nature of homes and buildings.

I. SUMMARY and overall condition is a "Thumbnail" overview of the kinds of details you can expect from the report. It is very important to review the entire inspection to get a full understanding.

II. THE BASIC STRUCTURE details some of the important variable in any inspection. The specific comments in this section can be invaluable to your future courses of action.

III. THE BASEMENT or foundation is perhaps the most important variable in any inspection. The specific comments in this section can be invaluable to your future courses of action.

IV. ELECTRICAL fixtures, codes, circuits and capacities can all be confusing. This section is packed with details and conditions easy to understand and relate to in lay terms. It is an excellent starting recommendation for all types of necessary improvements.

V. HEATING has recieved ample space, in order to address not only guality, but safety, efficiency, and heating type variables. Fuel costs and comfort levels begin with proper heating. Read the comments carefully.

VI. COOLING a home is a simple process, but only when all the components work together. Read the comments carefully.

VII. ENERGY USE & VENTILATION is a dollars and cents proposition; as well as, a comfort factor in the home. There are many ways to cut down on energy losses, but the first step is determining where these areas exist. Acting upon this information could save you many times the cost of this inspection in energy savings over the life of your home. Be sure to ask questions and seek expert advice from your personal Rondack Inspector!

VIII. PLUMBING can never be a hidden danger, once you're apprised of the specific conditions. From leaky valves to water pressure, this section puts you "in the know".

IX. KITCHEN & LAUNDRY APPLIANCES is a safety net for obvious defects. But, full mechanical inspections of each part is, of course, impossible. Be sure if you have any questions about more detailed inspections or warranties that you ask the advice of your person Ronack Inspector.

X, XI, XII FLOORS, WALLS, CEILINGS AND WINDOWS AND DOORS make up the majority of a home so you'll find an entire page strictly devoted to the particulars involved in this part of the inspection. Our inspections or warranties that you ask the advice of your personal Rondack Inspector.

XIII, XIC, XV FIREPLACES, CHIMNEYS, ROOFS AND DRAINAGE is a section that verifies the conditions of some very expensive variables. This section gives you an expert's opinion on hard-to-get-at areas, that going unnoticed or unattended could spell disaster. Rondack Building Inspectors take great care in this section to ensure you of confident, safe living for many years to come.

XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX EXTERIOR SURFACES, OUTBUILDINGS, STRUCTURES AND GROUNDS could be what you anticipated the entire inspection to consist of. Not only do we do far more than that, but we give you hundreds of specific details about this section with valuable follow-up comments for each.

XX REGARDING THE PRE-SETTLEMENT WALK-THRU on the final page of this exhaustive report, you'll find nearly two decades of experience, providing you with totally objective commentary and recomendations.

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We provide professional residential and commercial inspections throughout Albany County, Rensselaer County, Schenectady County, Saratoga County, Montgomery County, and Warren County.

ASHI Member: American Society of Home Inspectors

Richard W Askew, President

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